We are your creative agency and we pride ourselves with our ability to bring wonders to existence. The idea of turning dreams to reality becomes our inspiration and in turn, inspiration, defines Annasis Mirror, where every work we produce is transform into an artistry.

  • Numoni Corporate Video

    Numoni Corporate Video



Having a wide range of experiences and an ambition to providing quality work that meets international standards sets us apart from our competitors. Using a variety of techniques and methods paired with the latest technology, tools and software, our expertise ensures that your visions are turned into an artistry.

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  • ChiChi Dan ChaCha

    ChiChi Dan ChaCha

    Animation, Television

  • Hubwire Brochure

    Hubwire Brochure



We exist to show the world what we see through our eyes.


Wordpress based website development, CSS, PHP, HTML5, JS

Industrial Design

Conceptualization, layout & presentation, product design, prototyping, technical drawing

Video Production

Filming, field recording, audio recording, video editing, music composition

Branding & Design

Art direction, graphic design, packaging, printing and corporate merchandising

Post Production

Visual effects, chroma keying, compositing, color grading, audio mixing, music arrangement


2D animation and 3D animation

The Team

Meet the people behind the set.

Our Clients

Whether from corporate sectors, NGOs, hospitality industry, government
sectors, education industry, media and entertainment, SMEs, real estate
or retail, our services are customized and catered to all our clients’ needs.